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Offer Checklist

Home Purchase

We want to make getting a mortgage as easy as possible for you. Before you apply for a loan, you must first submit an offer to purchase a home and the seller must accept it. You then have a ratified sales contract. Your mortgage loan amount will be based on the purchase price of the home outlined in your ratified sales contract.

We provide this checklist to facilitate the process. You should make sure to discuss each step with your real estate sales professional and seek further guidance as needed.

We suggest you print this worksheet, then check each box after you've reviewed the steps.

Step 1: Prepare to make an offer

  Revisit the neighborhood at various times of day and night
  Talk with prospective neighbors to discuss what it's like to live in the area
  Look at the home more critically to discover any overlooked flaws or attributes



  Market value of home 
  Home's condition 
  Special circumstances

Step 2: Review pre-qualification

  Finalize the exact amount you can pay for a home.
  Seek advice from your real estate sales professional regarding comparable homes in the neighborhood and ask for any other relevant information.

Step 3: Make an offer

  Submit purchase and sale agreement to real estate agent.

This document includes:

  Description of property
  Price offered
  Down payment 
  Earnest money 
  Closing date
  Occupancy date
  Length of time offer is valid
  Any other requirements based on advice from your real estate sales professional
  Submit earnest money to show seller you are serious about your offer. Check with your real estate sales professional regarding a customary amount of your "good-faith" payment. (No set amount is required.)

Step 4: Seller response